I am present – about Eero markuksela’s art



To me, art is poetry where words and thoughts form pictures that are independt in time and place.  These pictures have grown to exist deriving from different phenomenon of life.


The origin for my works is often close to my everyday life, but only a few of my observations and investigations bring about an art piece. I enjoy presence in my hands, in my mind and in my body while I am making art. To me, making art is communication between myself and the world around.


The thoughts affecting my art are coming from faraway: from Tang-dynasty of China (618-907), the era of poet-painters Han-Shan and Shi-Dein, as well as from the starting moments of impressionism, in 1840’s France. I am a heir of the Beatnik generation, I have touched on Fluxus and I remember Jean Cocteau’s saying (in 1929): ”Life is falling horizontally”. Like Cocteau, I have experimented several different medium and approaches to art.


My identity is committed to Western culture, but my mind also seeks elsewhere. Eastern Asian poetry and art have been my objects of interest for years. In my art I wander in different places and times, in all of which there is people.