Eero Max Mark

Visual Artist and Poet


Helsinki, Finland, Europe



The most important thing in my life is to be an artist.

My art is subtle and sensuous. Some of the key elements in my work are transformations and transitions of time. For example, in my Rose Notes series, I depicted the life cycle of a rose.

For the French painter Claude Monet (1840-1926), the starting point was always observation. Inspired by Monet, I want to capture the fleeting moment on canvas or in a poem. Working with a unique combination of techniques — drawing, painting, photography and writing — I want to recreate my own observation and transform it into an art piece.


I love landscape painting. When I paint outdoors, I can feel the presence of observation and use the whole range of my senses. I want to see, feel, hear and smell the things I’m painting.

My art is a happy marriage of tradition and contemporary art — East and West. I’m fascinated by Chinese philosophy and painting tradition. In Legends, which is one of my most famous series, I depicted the story of Han-Shan and She-Di, creating parallel images of 17th century ink paintings and photography.

My art has been displayd in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland and overseas.